Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage Disposal is not turning on.

  1. Make sure Disposal is plugged in.
  2. Does outlet have power? Plug in another appliance and check the breaker panel.
  3. Press the red reset button on the bottom of the disposal

Garbage Disposal is makes noise, but not grinding anything.

  1. Turn off Power and unplug. Using the provided wrench, usually taped to the disposal, move back and forth to break free.

Garbage Disposal Runs, But Noisy.

  1. Unplug Disposal Remove foreign debris

Master Tub is not getting hot water, but everything else is.

  1. Adjust Mixing valve located under sink in Master. Rotate Counter Clockwise to raise temperature.
    • Green Cap – Remove cap and use a wrench to adjust
    • Tan Cap – back off Set Screw raise handle and rotate counter clockwise

No Water at Hose Bibbs (Outside Spigot)

Locate Winter shut off and turn on. Either at the water heater, Lavatory Sink, or Kitchen Sink. These should be clearly labeled. These should be shut off during winter months along with opening the spigots.

Water not draining in basement plumbing? (Basement Pump Cans)

  • Unplug and separate pig tails.
  • Plug in pump directly until tank empties. There will be a sound of air being sucked into the pump.
  • Reinstall plugs as you found them. This is a temporary fix, call us for service. 678-341-4455

Maintenance Suggestions.

  • All water heaters should be flushed once a year, per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Tank heaters – Hook up hose to drain at the bottom. Run hose outside, open valve until water runs clear.
  • Tankless heaters – please call for service: 678-341-4455
  • Toilets – the use of most in-tank cleaners or tablets will void the manufacturers warranty. These items break down the rubber causing toilets to run constantly.
  • The use of flushable wipes is not recommended. Especially in basement plumbing.
  • Kitchen Drains – No Grease or oil should be put down the drains. Over time, grease will solidify and cause a back up.

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