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Leak Detection

Leak Detection & Repair

Suspect a hidden water leak in your home or commercial property? Contact HallWay Plumbing for immediate water leak detection services in Greater Atlanta Metro and the neighboring area.

Not sure why the water meter is running even when no faucets are turned on? Water marks on the ceiling? You may have a hidden leak.

HallWay Plumbing provides professional water leak detection services in greater Atlanta area and surrounding counties. We use the latest equipment to pinpoint leaks and make sure your problem gets resolved as quickly as possible.

Our mission is for you to enjoy worry-free plumbing. Give us a call to discuss your needs or request immediate service.

Signs of a hidden water leak

Damaged water pipes may leak for weeks, months or years before the problem becomes apparent. Here are some signs:

  • Hot spots or sagging in your flooring
  • High water bills (compare with your neighbors…)
  • Constant sounds of water running through pipes
  • Mold or musty odors in your home

These are some of the telltale signs that suggest a leaking water line.

We can put your mind at ease. Contact our leak detection experts for a professional diagnosis.We can identify the source of the leak and discuss the best course of action.


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